Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rodica - Queen!

Rodica can be crowned as the white Queen of the Bohinj mountains.. not because of its height, but because of its mystical image and celestial view from the top. Nejc, Mare and I went to visit the Queen and she welcomed us with open arms. Great snow conditions, a good dose of sun and a touch of "extreme." On top we could see the Trieste bay and half of Slovenia, but we didn't stop for too long (the queen has other important things to do)! And so we skied.. and skied.. right down to the car:) Ohhh, I think Nejc fell in love with the Queen. Be careful boy, you're playing dangerous games;)

*Also check out a short movie: Rodica


Mare said...

It was absolutely fantastic!

Unknown said...

oh yeah baby! miss u already. jano are u under influence of valentines day? ;)
perfect weather&company made perfect day!