Monday, October 27, 2008

Climbing in Osp!

The weathermen were forecasting a perfect sunny day and I had big plans to capitalize. However, it turned out that all of my friends had something else to do and I faced a great dilemma of staying at home or going to the mountains alone. Over the last few years, I got used to always having good company and I have become very reluctant to mountaineering alone. Finally Marko called me and invited me for a climbing afternoon near the seaside and let's say that Sunday was "saved"! This time we decided to climb a longer route (5c, 110m) in Osp, where Marko showed me all the maneuvers of longer routs and we climbed for almost two hours. Hanging 100 meters above the ground brings you to a completely new level and the heart rate is constantly a little higher than usual. We faced a couple of smaller difficulties during the climb but generally it was almost perfect. On the top we absorbed the setting sun and glorious views. However, when descending back down, I somehow lost my camera in the bushes. I was furious, especially because I took extreme care of the camera on the climb up and then lost it when I least expected - on the easy walk back to the car. Forgetting the camera, we had the best time - and I'm sure Marko would agree!


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Yep, I would! ;)